About The Local Coffee House

What you will find on The Local Coffeehouse Guide:

A user friendly directory and google map location of 18,000 plus independently owned coffeehouses in the US.

We love the local gathering places that reside in our cities and towns across America, specifically those in the coffee industry. Recent research indicates that there are more than 21,000 independently owned coffeehouses, cafes and micro-roasters in the US today. This market niche is growing by leaps and bounds as consumers seek a more personal experience while shopping in their communities and while traveling.

Our app and mobile website is built specifically to provide users with a comprehensive directory of local coffeehouses, caf├ęs and micro-roasters where they live and where they travel, anytime and anywhere in the United States. Making buying local a whole lot easier!

What you won’t find on The Local Coffeehouse Guide:

No Chains or Franchised Coffeehouses
We are NOT “anti-Starbucks” or “anti-franchise”. In our research we’ve learned that consumers enjoy shopping local while supporting their local economies. We want to make that joy a little easier to attain by providing a directory that they can explore from home or while traveling in the US.

No Rating Systems
We believe Yelp and CitySearch have mastered the task of offering ratings for businesses across the globe. Our goal is to connect you to local indie coffee and invite you to explore the options for yourself thus allowing you to truly have a unique experience.

For more information or to contact us, please email us at info@thelocalcoffeehouse.com or visit our contact page to find the contact information for a specific department.